Criminal Law

Legal matters in the criminal system can be complex and intimidating. When you don't know where to turn, the Karrass Law will guide you. Robert Karrass is a leading criminal defence lawyer in Ontario, providing clients with the highest level of care without judgment. Regardless of the charge, be it a DUI, Manslaughter, or anything in between, you can count on our criminal lawyers as a trusted legal ally. 

Criminal charges can be intimidating. Get top-tier legal representation and the best results possible for your case. 


What Does Criminal Law Entail?

Criminal law is the body of law that relates to crime. It includes activities that hurt people, damage property, or undermine safety and morality, including your own. When someone is accused of violating the criminal code in Ontario, they can face penalties or be offered rehabilitation options. If you're facing criminal charges, it's crucial to have an experienced lawyer you can trust to help you through the process. 

criminal defence lawyerWe Provide Legal Services For:

  • Murder & Manslaughter
  • All Types of Assaults
  • Domestic Assault
  • Sexual Assault
  • Prostitution & Bill C-36 Offenses
  • Drug Related Offences
  • Drinking & Driving Offences
  • Robbery & Theft
  • Criminal Fraud
  • White Collar Crime
  • Organized Crime
  • Gun & Weapon Offences
  • Youth Offences
  • Quasi-Criminal Offences

How Karrass Law Can Help 

From the moment you are charged to the final verdict, our legal team will be there to support you and help you navigate the situation for the best possible outcome. 


  • Expert Legal Advice: Robert Karrass and the team of criminal lawyers at Karrass Law are equipped with legal expertise, including a deep understanding of the laws and regulations, to ensure that you receive meaningful legal advice tailored to your unique situation. We'll take the time to explain the legal process, potential outcomes, and your rights, empowering you to make informed decisions.
  • Tailored Legal Strategy: No two criminal cases are alike, which is why we believe in crafting personalized legal strategies for our clients. We'll assess the details of your case, examine the evidence, and identify any potential weaknesses in the prosecution's argument. This meticulous approach allows us to build the most robust defence possible on your behalf to achieve the best outcome for your case.
  • Protecting Your Rights: When facing criminal charges, your rights are of the utmost importance and should be protected. From the moment you contact our team to be your criminal defence lawyer, we are committed to protecting and upholding your rights throughout the legal process. 
  • Trial-Tested Lawyers: While not all criminal cases go to trial, you can trust our team of experienced lawyers to fiercely advocate your defence if it does go before a jury. At Karrass Law, Robert Karrass and the team are leading criminal defence lawyers with a proven track record of success in and out of the courtroom. 

At Karrass Law, we understand the anxiety and uncertainty that comes with criminal charges, and we are committed to providing you with the best possible legal representation.

Get the Expert Legal Services You Deserve. 

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  • Best Possible Representation

    We take care to formulate the strongest, smartest, and most compelling arguments for your case, representing your best interest, so you can count on the best possible results.

  • Offers Dignity & Respect

    Regardless of the details of your case, the Karrass Law team treats all of our clients with the dignity and respect they deserve.

  • Award-Winning Lawyer

    The Karrass Law team is powered by award-winning lawyers, including Robert Karrass, who is the recipient of the Kenneth Gibson Morden Memorial Prize and was also considered a Leading Lawyer to Watch in the Lexpert Rising Stars Competition.

  • Range of Expertise

    We specialize in a wide range of legal services, priding ourselves on offering expert representation in criminal cases, civil litigation, appeals, administrative hearings and more.

  • Exceptional Customer Service

    Our team is accessible via calls and emails, responding to all your follow-up questions, concerns, and inquiries promptly, so you can get the clarity you deserve.

  • Education & Experience

    At Karrass Law, we pride ourselves on our extensive legal education and expertise. With our team's exceptional knowledge and training, including Robert Karrass's Doctorate in jurisprudence, we bring a high level of competence to every case we handle.

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