All Types of Assaults

Assault is the application of force to an individual without their consent. “Force” in this context does not refer to the amount of force behind a punch; in fact, physical damage or injury is not a necessity in grounding an assault charge. The action must be found offensive or disrespectful to the complainant. The action must also be intentional. 

Assault with a weapon is the intentional application of force to an individual using an object. Inanimate objects such as knives, bats, or thrown stones constitute assault with a weapon; animate objects, such as ordering a dog to attack an individual, also fall under this category. 

Assault causing bodily harm refers to the interference of an individual’s comfort and/or health as a result of the assault. 

Aggravated assault occurs when the injuries sustained are more extensive, severely threatening the individual’s life.

The sentence, if the accused is found guilty, will depend on the degree of injury and harm caused. Assault cases don’t tend to result in jail time; however, aggravated assault cases can result in several years in jail. 

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