3 Types of Complex Family Law Matters

Posted on 20 February 2024

When substantial assets are involved, the intricacies of family law tend to become even more complex, requiring the expertise of an experienced civil litigation lawyer well-versed in family law. Many legal issues can complicate traditional family law conflicts, such as divorce and custody suits, primarily the division of assets. If you suspect you are not getting what's rightfully yours, engage a...

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With the increase of freelance construction contractors and the prevalence of construction-related fraud, homeowners need to stay vigilant and protect themselves. A contract is a vital step in contractor-customer relationships, as it can protect both parties from common scams that frequent the residential construction industry. If you've fallen victim to a construction-related scam or your...

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Disputes between two or more parties occur frequently. Every day, a dispute arises, triggering the start of the civil litigation process, from contract disagreements and property disputes to personal injuries, malpractice, and business conflicts. When these suits cannot be settled through mediation, they often end up at trial. While in some cases, trials are a necessary step of the civil...

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Guide to Common Types of Fraud Scams

Posted on 18 December 2023

When individuals or businesses fall victim to civil fraud, initiating a lawsuit becomes a means of seeking justice and recovering losses. Karrass Law, is a leading litigation boutique in Toronto equipped with seasoned lawyers experienced in handling civil fraud cases.

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When Should Employers Seek Mediation

Posted on 15 December 2023

The dynamics within an employer-employee relationship can often evolve into a complex interplay of expectations and responsibilities. In business operations, it’s not unusual for conflicts to arise, leading to strained relationships and potential legal challenges. When differences escalate, and communication fails, seeking resolution can become pivotal for businesses and employees.

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Signs of Wrongful Termination

Posted on 30 November 2023

For the average person, identifying the signs of wrongful termination or knowing when to get in touch with a civil lawyer can be difficult. In most cases, the employer will try to have all the matters regarding termination settled and dealt with as soon as possible, but with matters of your well-being, it's always best to be safe rather than sorry.

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Understanding Criminal vs Civil Fraud Law

Posted on 28 November 2023

Fraud is a deceptive practice aimed at gaining an unfair advantage or causing harm. In today’s day and age, fraud is a widespread issue that puts virtually everyone at some sort of risk, affecting individuals, businesses, and society at large. There are two different categories of fraud in the eyes of the law: civil fraud and criminal fraud.

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Discovering that you or a loved one is facing murder charges can be understandably unsettling and shocking. After finding out the charges, the following moments are about making strategic decisions to ensure that you get the best possible outcome, starting with legal advice from an experienced criminal defence lawyer.

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Can You Sue a Doctor for Malpractice?

Posted on 20 October 2023

Medical malpractice is one of the most commonly understood types of negligence that is pursued legally. When a patient feels, or experiences harm from a healthcare professional, i.e. doctors, surgeons, dentists, or nurses, they may be able to file a negligence suit with an experienced civil lawyer in Toronto under the guise of malpractice.

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Guide to Contract Breaches & Civil Lawyers

Posted on 12 October 2023

Contracts are legally binding agreements between two or more parties that act as a backbone and guideline for a number of interactions to facilitate cooperation, define responsibilities, and highlight expectations. Unfortunately, there are cases where contracts don't work out as outlined, which leaves individuals and business entities caught in the crossfire.

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