Telltale Signs of Mortgage Fraud in Ontario

Posted on June 20, 2024

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Mortgage fraud is a growing concern in Ontario, affecting both homeowners and financial institutions. It can have serious legal and financial consequences, making it crucial for individuals to recognize the warning signs. If you suspect mortgage fraud, consulting a civil fraud lawyer or a civil litigation lawyer in Toronto for legal advice is a vital step. Our skilled legal team at Karrass Law is equipped with experienced civil lawyers in Toronto who are here to help you build a strong case when you are dealing with mortgage fraud to protect your best interest. 

If you think that you might be a victim of mortgage fraud, here are some key signs that you should watch out for.

Inconsistencies in Property Listings

Be cautious of properties listed with inconsistent information. For example, the property may be described differently in various listings, or there may be discrepancies in the history and current condition of the property. These inconsistencies can be a sign that someone is deliberately misrepresenting the property resulting for the purpose of fraud.

Unusual Loan Terms

One of the first signs of potential mortgage fraud is unusual loan terms that seem too good to be true. These might include exceptionally low interest rates, little or no down payment requirements, or promises of guaranteed approval regardless of your financial situation. To mitigate the potential for mortgage fraud, it’s a good idea to always read the fine print and follow-up on any mention of terms that are not typical for standard mortgage practices. If you’ve been a victim of mortgage fraud and are now building a civil case, bring your loan terms to your civil litigation lawyer. At Karrass Law, we will carefully review all documentation and use it to support your case. 

Inflated Appraisals

Inflated property appraisals are another common indicator of mortgage fraud. If a property is appraised at a value significantly higher than comparable properties in the same area, it may be a red flag. This tactic is often used to secure larger loans than the property is worth, leading to significant financial risk. A civil fraud lawyer can help you understand and challenge dubious appraisals.

Fake or False Documents

Falsified or altered documents are a clear sign of mortgage fraud. This includes fake bank statements, employment records, tax returns, or forged signatures. If you notice any discrepancies or inaccuracies in your paperwork, it is essential to seek legal advice immediately. A civil litigation lawyer in Toronto can assist in verifying the authenticity of your documents. If you’ve been accused of falsifying your documents, the team at Karrass Law can help build your defence, book a consultation with our team for personalized legal advice. 

Pressure to Act Quickly

Those perpetuating fraud often use high-pressure tactics to rush you into making decisions to minimize the effort you can put into  consideration. They often insist that you act quickly to secure a great deal or avoid losing the property. Legitimate lenders and real estate professionals will give you adequate time to review all documents and seek legal advice if needed.

Undisclosed or Hidden Fees

Unexpected or hidden fees can also indicate mortgage fraud. Be cautious of any undisclosed charges that appear late in the process or costs that were not agreed upon initially. If new fees spring out of seemingly nowhere, then you may need a civil fraud lawyer. 

Strange or Inconsistent Payments

If you notice unusual payment requests, such as being asked to make payments to an individual rather than the lending institution, this could be a sign of fraud. If every time you have to make a payment, it’s being sent to a different entity, the fees are not making sense, or the documentation is not comprehensive there is a chance you may be the target of mortgage fraud, especially when this sign is identified in combination with others.

Suspicious Real Estate Professionals

Sometimes, the professionals involved in the mortgage process may raise red flags. This could include real estate agents, brokers, or appraisers who are reluctant to provide credentials or seem overly eager to push through a deal. Verify the credentials and track records of all professionals involved in your mortgage process. A civil litigation lawyer in Toronto can offer legal advice on how to verify the legitimacy of these individuals. In Ontario, real estate is a regulated profession, which means that all real estate agents and brokers must be registered with RECO (Real Estate Council of Ontario). 

Fight Mortgage Fraud with a Top Civil Litigation Lawyer at Karrass Law

If you have found yourself victim to mortgage fraud, contact Robert Karrass and our team of civil litigation lawyers in Toronto right away for immediate and effective intervention. Our teams will take action to protect your financial interest. To get started, book a virtual or in-person consultation with the Karrass Law team. 

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