Signs of Wrongful Termination

Posted on November 30, 2023

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Navigating the aftermath of a sudden job loss can feel like treading through murky waters, especially if you did not anticipate the termination of your employment. When the circumstances surrounding the termination seem questionable, it adds a layer of complexity to an already challenging situation. For the average person, identifying the signs of wrongful termination or knowing when to get in touch with a civil lawyer can be difficult. In most cases, the employer will try to have all the matters regarding termination settled and dealt with as soon as possible, but with matters of your well-being, it's always best to be safe rather than sorry. Contact Karrass Law if you think you fit one of the signs of wrongful termination. Our team of contract lawyers will help guide you through your options so you can leave this situation with the best possible outcome for yourself. 

Here are some of the signs that you've been wrongfully terminated and when to reach out to a leading lawyer near you. 


One of the most common indications of wrongful termination involves discrimination or retaliation. In Canada, including Ontario, discrimination based on various factors in employment is prohibited under the Human Rights Code rather than the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, which applies more broadly to government actions. The Ontario Human Rights Code specifically prohibits discrimination in employment based on factors such as race, ancestry, place of origin, ethnic origin, citizenship, creed, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, age, marital status, family status, disability, and more. Dismissals for any of the above reasons could be wrongful and should be explored by a civil lawyer. A common sign of discrimination that leads to firing is when terminations target specific employee groups based on protected characteristics. Pay attention to comments made by decision-makers or management about these characteristics and compile evidence when you approach your lawyer. 

Breach of Employment Contract

Every employee should be provided with a contract that outlines the parameters of their employment with that business. If your termination violates the terms outlined in your agreement, such as a specific notice period, grounds for dismissal, or any agreed-upon procedures not followed by your employer, it might constitute a breach of contract. A violation can lead to a wrongful termination claim. If something fundamentally changed during your employment, which forced you to be terminated, you may need an experienced contract lawyer. Robert Karrass and our expert legal team at Karrass Law will help you understand the impact of contract violations to determine if a civil suit is required.  

Sudden or Unexplained Dismissal After a Positive Review

If you recently received positive feedback, a raise, or a promotion and suddenly face termination without a clear explanation or due process, it could indicate wrongful termination. Abrupt dismissals after such positive milestones often raise suspicion of unjust motives behind the termination. To better understand what prompts these times of wrongful termination, set up a consultation with the civil lawyers at Karrass Law. With years of experience, we can provide insight into your situation as well as a strategic course of action. 

Violation of Labor Laws or Company Policies

Wrongful termination can also stem from an employer violating labour laws or company policies. If your dismissal breaches employment laws regarding overtime, workplace safety, or other labour regulations, it could be considered wrongful. Similarly, if the termination violates company policies outlined in an employee handbook, it might be wrongful. If you notice an inconsistency with what was outlined in your handbook, schedule a consultation with our team at Karrass Law. 

Find Out If Your Termination Was Wrongful with Karrass Law

If you've been recently fired or terminated from your employment, try to stay calm and refrain from signing anything until you've booked your consultation with Karrass Law. Our team is equipped with experienced civil lawyers who can help you with contract law and mediation law


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