Breach of Contract

Contracts are a vital part of an agreement between two parties or entities. Most contracts are recognized by law and protected as such. When a breach of contract is anticipated or occurs, it can come with legal consequences. If you anticipate that you will need to break a contract or someone has failed to honour an agreement, consult with a civil lawyer experienced with contract law at Karrass Law. 

Our team of skilled and award-winning lawyers can help you handle the situation smoothly and generate the best results possible, whether that means pursuing legal action or defending yourself in a civil lawsuit. To find out more about how to handle your contract dispute, set up a complimentary consultation with Robert Karrass, a leading civil litigation lawyer, and the Karrass Law team. 

How to Take Action with Contract Disputes & Breaches in Ontario?

Navigating a breach of contract requires a nuanced understanding of contract law and an adept approach to negotiation, mediation, and civil litigation. At Karrass Law, you can count on our team for comprehensive legal services including:

  1. Contract Analysis: We meticulously review contracts to identify the nature and extent of the breach, assessing its impact on your rights and obligations.
  2. Legal Strategy: Crafting a robust legal strategy tailored to your specific case, our team of civil contract breach lawyers aim to resolve disputes efficiently through negotiation or, when necessary, assertively advocate in court.
  3. Remedies and Damages: We pursue remedies for breach of contract, including specific performance (enforcing the terms of the contract), monetary damages, or restitution.
  4. Dispute Resolution: Employing alternative dispute resolution methods with mediation and arbitration lawyers to achieve a timely and cost-effective resolution whenever possible.

When mediation and arbitration law does not work, the team at Karrass Law will recommend the next best course of action to pursue a civil lawsuit based on the unique circumstances of your situation.

When Are Agreements Legally Binding In Ontario?

In Ontario, the formation of a legally binding contract adheres to distinct principles. It begins with a clear offer from one party, which must be unambiguously accepted by the other party for the contract to take effect. A contract signifies both parties that have entered into a contractual agreement understand and commit to the outlined terms. To be legally binding, contracts must align with the following criteria:

  1. There has been an offer by one party
  2. The offer has been accepted by the other party
  3. There has been consideration, i.e. both parties exchanged something valuable as part of the agreement. 

Types of Contract Breaches

A breach of contract occurs when one party fails to meet the expectations and obligations as outlined in a legally binding agreement. Many common legal breaches occur with contracts Employment Contracts, Commercial Contracts, Real Estate Contracts, Lease Agreements, Construction Contracts, Service Contracts, and Loan Agreements.

These breaches can take various forms:

Get Legal Advice & Action with Our Skilled Civil Lawyers

Contracts are designed to ensure commitment and compliance with guidelines while outlining expectations, they’re broken virtually every day. Despite intending to protect both parties, contracts can cause legal confusion and frustration. If you’re in a situation where a contract breach has occurred, don’t wait to talk to the legal experts and top civil litigation lawyers in Toronto at Karrass Law. 

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