Guide to the Civil Lawsuit Process in Ontario

Posted on April 01, 2023

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Civil lawsuits, also known as civil litigation, are a type of legal dispute that can be initiated to hold entities or individuals accountable for the damages caused by their actions. Many types of incidents may prompt a civil lawsuit, including wrongful termination, contract disputes, personal injury and medical malpractice, property damage, fraud, and reputation-related suits, i.e. defamation or libel. You can start a civil action by working with a trusted civil litigation lawyer. At Karrass Law, we provide expert legal services for all civil litigation cases, from civil fraud law to negligence, class actions, defamation, and more. Our team of lawyers in Toronto will thoroughly assess the details of your claim and provide you with strong representation so you get the best results possible. 
Read on to learn more about the civil litigation process in Ontario and what you can expect from your civil lawyer.

The Goal of Civil Lawsuits

A civil lawsuit can provide many benefits to the plaintiff (the person filing the claim), including compensation, accountability, resolution, deterrence, and even legal precedent. One of the primary objectives of filing a civil suit is to pursue monetary damages to compensate for anything from medical expenses and lost wages to pain, suffering, and property damage. With guidance and representation from a leading civil lawyer, a civil suit can also provide a sense of closure for those who have been affected. 

Finding a Civil Lawyer in Toronto or Ontario

When filing a civil lawsuit in Ontario, it always helps to have the guidance of a knowledgeable and experienced lawyer who can help you navigate the situation. A trusted civil lawyer at Karrass Law will provide you with top-tier legal advice and representation throughout the duration of your case. To find the best civil lawyer for your suit, consider experience, qualifications, and success rate for similar cases. At Karrass Law, our award-winning lawyers have a near 100% success rate and provide top-tier customer service. 

Steps to Civil Legal Process

Civil lawsuits are a multistep process that requires you to follow specific legal procedures and deadlines. 

The process of a civil lawsuit in Ontario typically involves the following steps:

  • Pre-litigation: The parties may attempt to resolve the dispute through negotiations or mediation before filing a lawsuit.
  • Statement of Claim: The plaintiff files a Statement of Claim, outlining the basis of the claim and the damages sought.
  • Statement of Defense: The defendant files a Statement of Defense, responding to the allegations made in the Statement of Claim.
  • Discovery: Both parties exchange information and evidence related to the case. During this phase of the civil litigation process, both parties' lawyers will be able to carefully assess the quality and strength of each side's case ahead of a trial. The method may even help you reach a meaningful settlement faster. 
  • Pre-Trial Conference: The parties meet with a judge within 180 of the trial date to discuss the case and explore the possibility of a settlement, providing an opportunity to discuss the issues of the case. 
  • Trial: If the case is not settled, it proceeds to trial, where a judge or jury hears evidence and makes a decision. During the trail your civil lawyer will share exhibits such as documents and objects, as well as witness testimony. 

Your lawyer can help guide you through the process, which may include filing a statement of claim, gathering evidence, and attending court hearings.

Potential Civil Suit Outcomes

When you file a civil suit, there are a few potentially possible outcomes, including: 

  • Judgment in favour of the plaintiff, where the judge orders the defendant to pay damages and costs
  • Ruling in favour of the defendant, where the judge may not instruct the defendant to provide any compensation or costs
  • A settlement, where both parties reach a mutual agreement during the litigation process. 

Finding a Reputable Civil Lawyer 

When filing a civil suit in Ontario, you want a lawyer you can trust to devote attention to your case and provide strong arguments and effort to help you get the best result possible. At Karrass Law, our civil lawyers and law professionals are dedicated to helping our clients successfully pursue legal action and civil suits. To learn more about our civil litigation services, contact us today. 


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