Veterinary Complaints & Discipline Hearings

The College of Veterinarians of Ontario (CVO) processes complaints filed against its members. In the event that a complaint is filed, the CVO issues a letter of notification to the member explaining that their response will be required upon the verification of the complaint.

The response is a member’s only opportunity to present their version of events to the Committee, as they will not have an opportunity to do so in person. As such, the written response should clearly outline the facts of the case and address all of the complainant’s issues. In addition to submitting the response to the Committee, all logs and documentation associated with the issue should be submitted as well. 

The Complaints Committee must review the entire file upon its verification by the CVO; they are able to close the file, provide tips on how the member can make positive changes to their business, encourage engagement in an amendatory or corrective educational program, or in the gravest case, hand the file over to the CVO’s Discipline Committee. 

Complaints of a less serious nature can be referred to the Mediated Resolutions Program (MRP), if agreed upon by both the complainant and the member. 

If the CVO’s Discipline Committee is involved, a hearing will be scheduled where a panel of 4 hear evidence from witnesses and submissions from both sides. The outcomes can be a dismissal, a suspension, revocation of license, and costs.

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