Justice of the Peace Review Council Matters

The Justice of the Peace Review Council manages complaints against justices of the peace. The Review Council must ensure proper judicial conduct and decide to what extent the justices of the peace are able to participate in gainful employment. 

To make a complaint, a signed letter must be submitted to the Review Council, including details of the court hearing, and an explanation as to the nature of the misconduct. If the misconduct occurred outside of the courtroom, a detailed description of what occurred and why the complainant felt it was misconduct on the part of the justice of the peace is required. 

The Review Council will notify the complainant upon receipt of the letter. A panel of three members will investigate the complaint if it is within their jurisdiction. The Review Council can dismiss the complaint if they find that there is no evidence of a judicial misconduct; they are also able to call the justice of the peace before them in order to address any questions. A public hearing is also a possibility, involving the Chief Justice of the Ontario Court of Justice as well as a panel of additional members from the Review Council. 

Possible ramifications for misconduct range from a stern warning to a removal from office.  The complainant will be made aware of the decision reached by the Review Council through writing.  

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