Chiropractor Complaints & Discipline Hearings

The College of Chiropractors of Ontario (CCO) handles complaints brought forth against chiropractors. The process begins with the submission of either a written complaint or verbal (recorded on a disk, USB, tape, etc); the CCO is obligated to notify the chiropractor and provide them with the copy of the complaint. The chiropractor is then expected to respond within 30 days. 

The Inquiries, Complaints and Reports Committee (ICRC) must thoroughly investigate this complaint, examine all the information acquired, and come to a conclusion. The chiropractor may be required to sit for an interview; however, generally the process does not allow for an in-person explanation, and so chiropractors will only be able to supply information through writing.  

The ICRC’s conclusion takes the form of a written report, and can request that the chiropractor restrict and thoroughly improve their practice, appear before the ICRC for a strict caution, appear for mandatory examination to assess their ability to practice, or, in the severest case, the ICRC can refer their file to the Discipline Committee.   The Discipline Committee examines cases of professional misconduct and imposes severe punishments such as fines, suspension of licenses and, in some cases, revocation of licenses. 

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