What to Expect from Prosecutor When Charged with Criminal Offences

Posted on September 08, 2023

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When you are being charged with a criminal offence, the prosecutor will likely be a prominent figure you and your criminal defence lawyer will encounter throughout the legal journey. The prosecutor has a distinct role and can influence the case's outcome. Once the police lay charges and make an arrest, the files are forwarded to the courts, which are addressed by the prosecutor assigned to the case. In an effort to come to the best resolution possible, lawyers will try to work with prosecutors to reach an agreement or move the matter to trial. A strong and strategic approach when coming to the table with the prosecutor can help improve your outcome. With the support of an experienced and skilled criminal defence lawyer, you can ensure that you will receive the best possible defence and outcome in negotiations with the prosecutor or at trial. To get started with Robert Karrass, book a legal consultation with our team.

Here's a guide to what you can expect from the prosecutor when charged with a criminal offence.

Assessment of the Case

Upon receiving the case, prosecutors will thoroughly assess the evidence, witness statements, and legal aspects of the case to determine the strength of the charges and evaluate whether there's enough evidence to move forward with a trial. Based on their assessment, the prosecutor decides whether to proceed with the charges, negotiate a plea deal, or withdraw altogether. During this point, your criminal defence lawyer will also be analyzing the facts, evidence, and testimony of the case to better strategize and build the strongest possible defence based on the unique circumstances of the particular case. At this stage, your lawyer will provide the details of the charges against you and share all the potential outcomes.

Communication with the Defence

Once the prosecutors share all the relevant evidence with your criminal defence attorney, your lawyer will try to work with the prosecutor to understand and negotiate the potential outcomes of the case. Effective communication between the defence lawyer and the prosecutor is vital during this phase. After assessing the evidence offered by the prosecutor, your lawyer will be able to prepare a robust defence by understanding the strengths and weaknesses of the prosecution's case.

Opportunities for Plea Bargains

When circumstances allow, the prosecutor could propose a plea bargain to the accused. This entails the accused agreeing to plead guilty to a reduced charge or accepting a predetermined sentence. In return, they can sidestep a trial and the potential of more severe charges. This approach is often an option for both sides to expedite the legal process and arrive at a more manageable resolution. Your defence lawyer will guide you through your options so you can make an informed decision.

What to Do When Facing Criminal Charges

Receiving criminal charges can be understandable, intimidating and frightening. But, with guidance from a trusted defence lawyer, you can approach these charges with a robust strategy. Robert Karrass and our team of law experts will help you navigate the complex legal landscape ahead. With years of experience and successful criminal cases, you can count on our team to produce the best possible arguments for your case. To get started, book a legal consultation to explore what we can do for you.

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